Hertz Cento is the first step into the exciting world of in-car listening at the highest levels




used in the flagship line MILLE, the team of electro-acoustic designers achieved top performance, never before achieved in this category, to offer you real added value. Thanks to a design planned to the last detail, the Cento loudspeakers maintain a linear and controlled output, even at the very high listening volumes required by younger fans.


3D cut of new C26 tweeter

C 26

C 26 OE tweeter is designed to maximize performances in an OEM upgrade scenario and includes a provided cable with built-in 6 dB/Oct. crossover to save precious space.

Cento system components share C 26 tweeter featuring a 26 mm (1 in.) Tetolon® dome and 20 mm (0.8 in.) voice coil for a detailed and natural reproduction of medium-high

frequencies. The R&D team worked extensively to optimize the C 26 dispersion characteristics to maximize performance on the listening point, with a natural and progressive roll-off and a natural timbre that favors frequency linearity.

Much time was invested in the process of customization of the materials. For C 165 and C 130 SPP-M (Semi Pressed Paper-Mica) was selected, which preserves the natural

sound of the semi-pressed paper and enhances it with Mica powder improving rigidity.

New C 165 woofer with cone made by SPP-M (Semi Pressed Paper-Mica)

The result is an excellent balance between lightness and damping, essential for a powerful and controlled emission. The oversized ferrite magnet provides excellent control even at higher excursions.

New C 165 woofer 3D cut

The ultra compact CCX 2 crossover featuring tweeter emission level control (0, +3 dB) uses selected components for a full and engaging sound.

New CCX 2 crossover 3D cut

The CG 165 and CG 130 grilles included in the Cento systems brighten up the car interior with their sophisticated design.

Made of high resistance ABS with metal mesh, they offer a high degree of protection within a compact size, ideal for in-car installation.

High resistance ABS metal finish grille and removable metallic mesh supplied

CK 165 L

The Cento line expands with the C165 L woofer, featuring the use of non-pressed paper for the cone membrane, a choice that gives this component a natural sound, with solid

and controlled low frequencies.

The enhancement of the magnetic group together with the specific wide stroke voice coil allow the excursion of the woofer to be maximized maintaining utmost control even in 

the most demanding musical passages.

CK 165 L system consists of the C 165 L woofer, the C26 tweeter and the crossovers dedicated to the CCX 2W woofer and CCX 2T tweeter

The CK 165 L system consists of the C 165 L woofer, the C26 tweeter and the crossovers dedicated to the CCX 2W woofer and CCX 2T tweeter, made with selected components. The ultra-compact dimensions of the crossovers and the wire connections provide the specialist with a broader freedom during the installation.

The tweeter filter is 12 dB/oct. with two levels of attenuation while for the woofer, thanks to its regular frequency roll-off, a 6 dB/oct. made with a pure copper high diameter coil is

used to the advantage of reduced electrical losses and therefore of low frequencies efficiency.

The engaging low frequencies and impressive power handling make the CK 165 L the perfect system for fans looking for strong emotions in the car cabin.

The installation of after-market woofers in factory placements limited by a reduced depth is a recurring problem that forces specialists to make complicated mechanical changes, extending the time to finish the job significantly.

The Cento line new C 165 F flat profile woofer is the solution, thanks to a super slim basket with reduced depth that allows the use even in the most problematic OEM

scenarios, widespread in new generation cars.

The R&D team, through an extensive design process was able to obtain high performance even with the super slim basket feature.

This was made possible by the optimization of the mobile group excursion and the new design of the cone and dustcup geometry.

Like the other components of the Cento range, the use of SPP-M (Semi-Pressed Paper-Mica) provides the C 165 F with a light and rigid cone at the same time that guarantees

high efficiency and an extended frequency response.

The C165 F is also available in the new CK 165 F two-way system in combination with the tweeter C 26 and the CCX2 crossover with a dedicated second-order filtering network

(12dB / oct. TW – 12dB / oct. WF).

This solution maximizes the components’ performance obtaining an optimal emission balance.


Coaxial loudspeakers represent a major design challenge due to the critical nature of their acoustic output, being installed in an OEM placement often unfavorable to reproduction. For this reason, in order to achieve high performance, a great engineering effort was put into place, promptly addressed by our R&D team.


The Cento two-way coaxials are available in the sizes 165 mm (6.5 in.), 130 mm (5 in.), 100 mm (4 in.) and 5×7 in., identified by the abbreviations CX 165, CX 130, CX 100 and

CX 570, for every installation need. The new 24 mm (0.9 in.) Tetolon® dome tweeter delivers a more musical and detailed sound compared to the more traditional plastic materials.

The dispersion has been optimized for off-axis listening. As for the woofers of the two-way systems, also the coaxials are equipped with SPP-M cones (Semi Pressed Paper-Mica) ensuring superior acoustic and damping characteristics.

The grilles, CG 165 and CG 130 are available as optional for CX 165 and CX 130.

New two way coaxial CX 165 3D cut

The three-way elliptical coax CX 690 featuring a 6×9 in. cone was designed to achieve maximum performance in horizontal installations and offering, even in this difficult

condition, an exceptional tone balance and power handling.

The CG 690 grille is composed by a high-resistance ABS plastic support and metal mesh, to ensure a high degree of protection with a Hi-tech design.

New three way coaxial CX 690 with provided grille


Cento PRO CPK 165 two way system

The top-of-the-range CPK 165 PRO system is dedicated to the ones who do not compromise: at any listening level the CPK 165 PRO will thrill you by recreating the real event in the car compartment, whether it is a mega concert at the stadium or your favorite DJ set.

3D cross section of the CP 25 tweeter showing the Center Tuning Duct geometry

The CP 25 tweeter features a 29 mm (1.14 in.) Tetolon dome and a 25 mm (1 in.) voice coil with “Center Tuning Duct” technology: the tunnel in the center of the powerful Neodymium magnetic circuit allows the exchange of low resistance air between the dome and the rear loading chamber, tuning the acoustics to perfection. The result is a low resonance frequency, functional at the intersection with the woofer, to the advantage of the very wide sound stage.

CP 165 woofer 3D cut

The sophisticated design of the mobile unit and suspensions of the CP 165 woofer, with a resonance frequency calibrated at 60 Hz, provides it with a powerful mid-bass with excellent punch, ensuring a unique experience when listening to lowfrequency genres. All magnetic groups have been optimized with a proprietary FEA simulation tool, to achieve maximum linearity and control, even at high listening volumes.

CPCX 2 crossover 3D cut

The CPCX 2 crossover is very small in size to facilitate installation in all types of vehicles and uses hi-grade components such as air-wound inductors and 160v polyester capacitors, elements that provide the system with a very wide and linear frequency response. The 2.8 kHz cutoff with a slope of 12 dB/Oct. enhances the reconstruction

of the virtual stage in the car cabin and the adjustment of the tweeter emission level (-2, 0, +2 dB) ensures an optimal tone balance, all in an ultra-compact high resistance case in

ABS with metallic finish.

The latest addition to the Cento PRO line is the CPK 690 system equipped with an elliptical woofer to avail of the 6 x 9 door placements, which are particularly common in the North American market, such as for the models of Toyota and FORD groups.

Cento CPK 690 two way system

Like the other speakers of the Cento PRO line, the woofer cone is made of pressed paper, the most suitable material to obtain a linear and controlled emission even when the

woofer is driven with very high power.

All electroacoustic parameters have been optimized to obtain maximum performance with door installations; we therefore find a magnetic group and voice coil improved for an excellent power handling and a lower resonance frequency.

The large emission area of the CP 690 increases the woofer efficiency and extends the response down to 35 Hz.

The crossover made with selected components, features a low-pass filter on the woofer with a 6 dB/oct. slope and 12 dB/oct. on the tweeter with three levels of attenuation.

CPK 690 is dedicated to the young enthusiast who wants a front row seat at their favourite concert while sitting comfortably behind the steering wheel.


Two way coaxial CPX 165 3D cut

The CPX 165 PRO coax allows the user to enjoy the Hertz Sound Experience when the car does not allow the installation of a two-way kit. The 24 mm (0.9 in.) Tetolon® dome tweeter and 20 mm (0.8 in.) voice coil features outstanding off-axis dispersion characteristics and exceptional frequency range for an airy, detailed sound. The Radial Venting System technology guarantees excellent cooling of the voice coil thanks to the eight holes at the base of the engine for air exchange with the tweeter support.

This acts as a back chamber, sized for a low resonance frequency for a natural medium range and an optimal crossover frequency with the woofer.

The three-way coaxial CPX 690 PRO with a 6×9 in. cone is the best solution for the ones who love to listen to a highvolume with enticing low frequencies and want to make the most of the overhead compartment. Tweeter and Supertweeter, respectively 32 mm (1.26 in.) and 24 mm (0.9 in.), both featuring a Tetolon® dome, a noble material with a natural sound, free of any listening fatigue. This solution is not common for a coaxial loudspeaker in this price range, where the most traditional plastic materials are often used, penalizing the acoustics. Radial Venting System technology guarantees optimal cooling and acoustic performance. The elegant faceplate has been designed to maximize off-axis output and therefore maximize horizontal installation.

The robust basket with radial ventilation keeps operating temperatures low.

Three way CX 690 coaxial with provided grille