Hertz Compact Power amplifiers boast innovation, character and tradition,

all merged in an efficient design


HCP, power, compact size and competitiveness

These are the goals upon which the HCP project is based, and the essence of the line designation: Hertz Compact Power. The Hertz design staff has employed all of their experience and know-how to provide the most suitable response to satisfy the needs of the first time enthusiast. 

Minimized sizes have been achieved thanks to the use of both D and AB Class circuits. This range is highly versatile, and has comparably high power levels; all available in a line of very competitively priced models.


The HCP amplifiers boast innovation, character and tradition, all merged in a minimalist and, at the same time, appealing look. A project born to uncomplicate what is usually complicated: with Hertz Compact Power even the most complex audio systems become easy to install. The Hertz team has successfully conquered one more challenge: to build entrylevel products without compromise, all in compliance with the traditional standards of the Hertz brand. Two new models add to the HCP range: the mono HCP 1DK and the stereo HCP 2X. These new projects offer higher power and a more flexible crossover filter section, for greater application versatility in active systems.

HCP: technical features

The HCP heat sink has been crafted from extruded aluminium, a material unmatched for lightness, robustness and heat dissipation. To keep size to a minimum, the power transistors are placed between the PCB and the top side of the heat sink where heat is gathered. Built up heat is then directed to the special dissipation “wings” along the side of the amplifier. 

The Front End section features a complete and by-passable crossover system, providing full system design flexibility with or without external processors. Filtered pre-amplified outputs along with multiple adjustments are offered on the HCP 1D, HCP 1DK and HCP 2X providing the user with endless connection possibilities with any source. The inputs provide both RCA and hi-level connections (Speaker-In), for a perfect integration with

aftermarket and OEM head units.

Both Pre-In and Speaker-In inputs feature a special balanced circuitry, ensuring high rejection against electro-magnetic interferences typical of the in-car environment, guaranteeing noise-free results.

The Speaker-In inputs are equipped with ART, Automatic Remote Turn-On/Off, synchronizing the amplifier’s turn-on/off according to the operational status of the source. This eliminates the need for a remote turn-on signal, which generally is not present on OEM audio systems.

The ART circuit, introduced by Hertz, ensures the amplifier’s turn-on/off with no delays, eliminating annoying turn on/off pops. If required, this function can be manually disabled through a switch on the control panel. This is important in such cases where the factory head unit takes considerable time to turn-off, or when the amplifier’s subsequent turn-on is controlled by actions such as opening doors. In these cases the ART function can be

disabled and the remote input can be used through traditional methods, avoiding battery drain.

The Hertz Compact Power amplifiers crossover section ensures extreme flexibility: fully adjustable Lo-pass, Hi-pass and Full range filters are present with 12 dB/Oct. and 24 dB/Oct. slopes according to the amplifier model; Bass Boost is available to enhance low frequencies. More specifically, the HCP 1D, HCP 1DK and HCP 2X amplifiers feature Hi-Pass pre-amplified outputs, providing the ability to create a Band-Pass on the front woofer.  The HCP 4D four-channel model features an extended frequency range filter, which can be used when designing active 2-way speaker systems. 



The HCP electronics feature a power supply stage with multiple winding transformers and Low-ESR 105°C capacitors. Working at higher efficiency, this ensures the energy required by the output stage in the D Class models (HCP 1D, HCP 1DK, HCP 4D and HCP 5D models) and in AB Class models (HCP 2, HCP 2X and HCP 4), also making them stable into 2 Ω loads providing maximum power.


The Hertz Remote Control accessory (HRC) provides precise volume level control from the comfort of your seat. It is optional for HCP 1D, HCP 1DK, HCP 5D. Level can be increased up to 6 dB or decreased to a full mute; you can always find the reference volume adjustment by turning the knob back to the Center Detent position.