Hertz DPower, composed of the four channels DPower 4 and the mono DPower 1, is the access gate to the Hertz signature power.

The remote control HRC BM – Bass Management, optional for DPower 1, provides the ability to adapt the subwoofer level (-20 / + 6 dB) to any personal preference and favorite music genre.

Excellent for OEM systems upgrade, the

DPower amplifiers are ultra-compact

to ensure effortless installations in the

increasingly narrow spaces of modern

vehicles or in the factory amp area.

The versatile crossover filter of the

DPower 4 enables the user to create a

front-rear or front + subwoofer system

by connecting two channels in bridge

mode. DPower1 bass boost function

enhances 45 Hz up to 12 dB to increase

subwoofer punch.

The efficient D class circuit delivers

600 W of maximum power within

a compact chassis, an essential

requirement for in-car integration.


allows the DPower amplifiers to

connect to any type of source, be it

OEM or aftermarket.

For an excellent integration with OEM

systems the DPower amplifiers are

equipped with a smart automated

turn on and off circuit according to the

factory radio.