Hertz Marine is proud to announce the latest addition to the HMX series: the 7.7-inch marine coaxial speaker with a sports grille. This new model complements our range of marine speakers, positioning itself between the 6.5-inch and the 8.8-inch models, thus offering an intermediate solution for those looking for specific dimensions to meet their audio needs.

The HMX 7.7 model, using quality technologies and materials like the entire Marine HMX range, delivers high audio performance and element resistance. Its size allows for versatile installations and quality sound, consistent with Hertz Marine users' expectations.

The sport grille of the HMX 7.7, available in white or gray and equipped with LED lighting, enhances the aesthetics of boats, adding an element of style and functionality.

For more details on the new 7.7-inch coaxial speaker, we invite you to visit our website and discover how to enhance your marine audio experience with Hertz Marine.

HMX 7.7 S-LD-G


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