A unique SPL project for the best performance in any application

internal view

High Power with State-of-the-Art design and components

To remain true to the Hertz tradition, HP 802 amplifier combines high power (380 W RMS x 2 @4Ω with state-of-the-art design and components.

The design concept was oriented towards the bulding of “open door” systems with great acoustic impact. 

In order to deliver such extraordinarily high power and to transfer it reliably, the power supply stage is overbuilt featuring 4 toroidal transformers, 330uF and 2200uF-105°(Low ESR) primary capacitors, 130A and 120A TO247 MOSFETs, and additional secondary capacitors.

The final output stage is equipped with hi-tech transistors, MOSFET style for the two mono models with high-current, BJTs for the stereo model: massive output without compromising reliability.

Also the layout of the printed circuit boards has been specifically designed for SPL systems: the current paths and component placement has been optimized for perfect thermal stability even when driving low impedance loads.

The Front End section is based upon complex design architecture, beyond the standards of mobile electronics dedicated to high power systems, but in line with the Hertz philosophy to offer endless solutions to achieve the perfect configuration in any given system.

The HP 802 features separate Hi-Pass and Lo-Pass filters, able to be configured into a Band-Pass filter. An adjustable parametric equalizer is on board, as well as a Pre Out to re-launch the input signal to other amplifiers in a multi-amplified system.

Hertz HP 802 front panel

The aluminum extruded heat sink offers unheard-of thermal dissipation.

The application of the extrusion technique provided the Hertz R&D team

with limitless design ideas to keep operating temperature stable even during

extreme operation. The rigid chassis features thick, deep heat dissipation

“fins” along the side of the amplifier contributing to the obsession of thermal