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MPX 165.3 PRO 165 (6.5) mm (in.) | Coaxials | 200 W | 4 Ohm

The  coax tweeter concentric to the woofer of the MPX 165.3 car audio coaxial speakers  allows for one single linear-phase emission point, for a natural timbre providing a detailed sound stage. Thanks to the “Center Tuning Duct” geometry, the tweeter resonance frequency is especially low and the employment of damping materials for the inside provides for a linear acoustic emission. The acoustic lens optimizes its off-axis response, which is typical with door installation of coax speakers; besides, the 36 mm diameter woofer generates deep and controlled bass frequencies.
Component Coaxials
Size mm (in.) 165 (6.5)
Power Handling - Continuous W 100
Power Handling - Peak W 200
Impedance Ohm 4
Woofer Voice Coil Ø mm (in.) 36 (1.42)
Tweeter Voice Coil Ø mm (in.) 20 (0.8)
Frequency Response Hz 45 ÷ 21,5k
Woofer Magnet size D x d x h mm (in.) 90 x 45 x 17 (3.54 x 1.77 x 0.67)
Tweeter Magnet size D x h mm (in.) 29.5 x 22 x 4 (1.16 x 0.87 x 0.16)
Weight of one speaker kg (lb.) 1.27 (2.8)
Woofer Magnet High density flux ferrite
Tweeter Magnet Neodymium
Cone Pressed-pulp cone with cotton fibers
Dome Tetolon
Xmech mm (in.) ±6 (0.24)
Technical Specs
D mm 132
Re Ohm 3,1
Fs Hz 90
Le mH 0,01
Vas I 4
Mms g 18,9
Cms mm/N 0,15
BL T*m 5,8
Qts 0,88
Qes 1,06
Qms 5,5
Spl dB 92
Electro-acoustic Specs
Physical Specs
MPX 165.3 PRO
A 165 mm 6.5 in.
B 141 mm 5.55 in.
C 74 mm 2.91 in.
D 62,6 mm 2.46 in.
E 183,5 mm 7.22 in.
F 29 mm 1.14 in.
Frequency response
MPX 165.3 PRO
MPX 165.3 PRO
MPX 165.3 PRO

1. CONCENTRIC COAXIAL TWEETER: built in the woofer voice coil, achieving one single point of emission, to re-create the virtual sound-stage like in live music performances.
2. TWEETER SUPPORT WORKING AS A REAR CHAMBER: sized for low Fs, to ensure a well damped high pass frequency roll-off, allowing low cut-off frequency crossover point.
3. 36 MM PURE COPPER WOOFER VOICE COIL: wound on a Polyamide former, for outstanding power handling and dynamic compression-free reproduction.
4. PRESSED-PULP CONE WITH COTTON FIBERS: combining stiffness and lightweight for a wide frequency response. Cone profile geometrically refined to perfectly match with the tweeter emission ensuring phase consistency in the crossover area.
5. “BOUNDARY FREE” RUBBER SURROUND: for improved efficiency and wider midbass frequency. (Logo Boundary Free)
6. OVER-SIZED FERRITE MAGNET: combined with very low carbon content iron plates, for low distortion at high power levels.
7. BASKET: low mounting depth, acoustically transparent aluminium alloy basket with elegant diamond cutting and featuring the aluminium Hertz logo.
8. ANTI-VIBRATION RUBBER MAGNET COVER: to damp spurious vibrations.

MPX 165.3 PRO
Boundary Free Surround

This technology provides the ability to achieve wider emission surface of the cone compared to speakers with same diameter; that way, the cone manages to move a bigger mass of air, so it produces more acoustic pressure.
This special surround is built from highly pure IIR butyl rubber, ensuring extraordinary thermal and mechanical linearity.