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MLK 1650.3 LEGEND 165 (6.5) mm (in.) | System | 300 W | 4 Ohm

The Hertz MLK 1650.3 Legend car audio speakers system is a two way kit dedicated to purists , aiming at achieving maximum timbre consistency combined with very high dynamics and extremely extended frequency response.

Through a solidly built switch, the MLCX 2 TW.3 crossover provides the ability to realize a bi-amplified system, that is, to connect two amplifiers, or anyway two separate channels, to the crossover, so making it possible to drive woofer and tweeter separately. The significant power increase with this configuration highlights all the features of the MLK 1650.3 Legend system, with all the advantages coming from the multi-amplification.

Besides, thanks to the Mid-Contour and Hi-Countor controls, dedicated to the management of woofer cut-off frequency and tweeter cut-off frequency respectively, the cross-point can be varied. Through each of these two “Countor” controls, featuring a two-position selector, the system frequency response can be fine-tuned, adjusting it according to the different acoustics of the cars and the different speaker placements and, most of all, the listener can achieve thieir favourite sound.
Component System
Size mm (in.) 165 (6.5)
Power Handling - Continuous W 150
Power Handling - Peak W 300
Impedance Ohm 4
Tweeter diaphragm mm (in.) 35 (1.38)
Woofer Voice Coil Ø mm (in.) 36 (1.4)
Tweeter Voice Coil Ø mm (in.) 28 (1.1)
Sensitivity dB SPL 92
Frequency Response Hz 40 ÷ 25k
Crossover Cut off 2.5 kHz (Mid/Hi-Cont. = ON) 3.5 kHz (Mid/Hi-Cont. = OFF)
Crossover Type 2 Way Passive Crossover
Weight of one component - Woofer 1.29 (2.84)
Weight of one component - Tweeter kg (lb) 0,1 (0.22)
Weight of one component - Crossover kg (lb) 0,57 (1.26)
Technical Specs
D mm 132
Re Ohm 3,3
Fs Hz 65
Le mH 0,24
Vas I 8,3
Mms g 17,5
Cms mm/N 0,3
BL T*m 7
Qts 0,47
Qes 0,52
Qms 5,3
Spl dB 93
Electro-acoustic Specs

Die-cast aluminium factory provided grille featuring diamond-cut aluminium Hertz logo.