MP 28.3 PRO 35 (1.38) mm (in.) | Tweeter | 180 W | 4 Ohm

MP 28.3 Mille Pro 28 mm diameter tweeter component inheriting all the technological features of the Mille Legend ML28.3. The geometry of the Tetolon dome maximizes the typical dispersion of off-axis listening. The rear acoustic chamber with damping material contributes to extend response to lower frequencies achieving a resonance frequency of only 900 Hz. In this way the crossover point between tweeter and woofer can be lowered, improving the sound image in the car dashboard. The massive Neodymium motor minimizes nonlinearity managing the music program with very dynamic transients. The CCAW (Copper Clad Aluminium Wire) voice coil guarantees an especially light weight and stiff moving assembly. These technological elements interact with each other, resulting in a high frequency extension of 28kHz, a record for a tweeter featuring a 28mm voice coil. An elegant and compact angled tweeter support is provided with the tweeter: this allows easy installation both on the A-pillars and on the car dashboard. The correct angle of the tweeter improves the stereo image, essential for an engaging listening.
Component Tweeter
Size mm (in.) 35 (1.38)
Power Handling - Peak W 180
Impedance Ohm 4
Voice Coil Ø 28 (1.1)
Frequency Response Hz 1k ÷ 25k
Magnet size D x d x h mm (in.) 27,8 x 3,5 x 3 (1.1 x 0.14 x 0.12)
Weight of one speaker kg (lb.) 0,075 (0.16)
Magnet Neodymium
Dome Tetolon
Technical Specs
D mm 28
Re Ohm 3,3
Fs Hz 900
Le mH 0,024
Vas I -
Mms g 0,4
Cms mm/N 0,08
BL T*m 2
Qts 1,1
Qes 1,7
Qms 3,3
Spl dB 91
Electro-acoustic Specs
Physical Specs
MP 28.3 PRO
A 53,4 mm 2.1 in.
B 48 mm 1.89 in.
C 28 mm 11.1 in.
D 13,5 mm 0.53 in.
E 72 mm 2.8 in.
F 45,6 mm 1.8 in.
G 23 mm 0.9 in.
Frequency response
MP 28.3 PRO
MP 28.3 PRO
MPCX 2T.3 crossover

Separate ultra-compact crossover to the benefit of simplicity
and flexibility of installation featuring level adjustment switch (0, -2dB).

MP 28.3 PRO
Angle support

Support for wedge mounting.

MP 28.3 PRO
Flush mounting ring
MP 28.3 PRO
MP 28.3 PRO

1. Tetolon Fiber dome optimized with FEA simulations, for excellent dynamics and angle dispersion.

2. Double Neodymium magnet optimized with FEA simulations, for maximum field symmetry and exceptional transfer efficiency.

3. Extended rear chamber filled with natural fibre non-woven sound-absorption material, for better damping and more natural acoustic emission.

4. Massive 28 mm CCAW (Copper Clad Aluminium Wire) ferrofluid-cooled mobile voice coil for outstanding power handling.

5. 900Hz FS to ensure a well damped high pass frequency roll-off, allowing low cut-off frequency crossover point.

6. Faceplate featuring FEM (Finite Element Modeling) optimized geometry, for high linearity in off-axis installations.

7. Wide array of installation accessories, for an easy OEM integration.

8. Separate ultra-compact crossover to the benefit of simplicity and flexibility of installation featuring level adjustment switch (0, -2dB).