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MP 165P.3 PRO 165 (6.5) mm (in.) | Woofer | 200 W | 3 Ohm

The MP 165P.3 car audio woofers electro-acoustic parameters have been forged to give it the pure and solid sound of an authentic mid-bass, designed for high dynamic systems. The voice coil with a generous 14 mm height, has a nominal 3 Ω impedance in addition to an increased power handling. These features provide the ability to maximally exploit the power of the Hertz HCP and HDP amplifiers as well as all the 2 Ω stable electronics. The ferrite 95 mm diameter magnet enables a +/-4.5 mm voice coil linear excursion, ensuring utmost control at all times. The Boundary Free Surround moves a bigger amount of air, and the V-cone® profile improves the offaxis dispersion, the real in-car listening condition. The sophisticated aluminium alloy basket neutralizes the undesired vibrations.
Component Woofer
Size mm (in.) 165 (6.5)
Power Handling - Continuous W 100
Power Handling - Peak W 200
Impedance Ohm 3
Voice Coil Ø 25 (1)
Frequency Response Hz 45 ÷ 4,5k
Magnet size D x d x h mm (in.) 95 x 45 x 17 (3.74 x 1.77 x 0.67)
Weight of one speaker kg (lb.) 1.2 (2.65)
Magnet High density flux ferrite
Cone Pressed-pulp cone with cotton fibers
Xmech mm (in.) ±7.5 (0.3)
Technical Specs
D mm 132
Re Ohm 2,6
Fs Hz 75
Le mH 0,28
Vas I 8
Mms g 15,1
Cms mm/N 0,3
BL T*m 5,45
Qts 0,56
Qes 0,63
Qms 5,2
Spl dB 94
Electro-acoustic Specs
Physical Specs
MP 165P.3 PRO
A 165 mm 6.5 in.
B 141 mm 5.55 in.
C 74,5 mm 2.93 in.
4 64 mm 2.52 in.
E 183,5 mm 7.22 in.
F 29 mm 1.14 in.
Frequency response
MP 165P.3 PRO
MP 165P.3 PRO

Optional full protection metal mesh grill featuring the aluminium Hertz logo
and attractive look mineral powder coated inner grill are included for several install combinations.

MP 165P.3 PRO

1.PURE COPPER VOICE COIL: wound on a Polyamide former for high power handling combined with very low intermodulation distortion of vocals.
2.EXPONENTIAL V-CONE® PROFILE: geometrically optimized for utmost linearity and dispersion in the mid frequency range. (Logo VCone)
3.“BOUNDARY FREE” RUBBER SURROUND: for improved efficiency and wider mid-bass frequency. (Logo Boundary Free)
4.HIGH DENSITY FLUX FERRITE MAGNET: combined with very low carbon content iron plates, for low distortion at high power levels.
5.BASKET: low mounting depth, acoustically transparent aluminium alloy basket with elegant diamond cutting and featuring the aluminium Hertz logo.