DP 1.500 Ch: 1 | 1180 W

Hertz DIECI POWER DP 1.500 Mono Class-D compact car audio amplifier is an audio powerhouse designed to elevate your car audio experience to unprecedented heights.

Despite its compact size, the DP 1.500 packs a punch with its maximum power output, featuring ADC (Advanced Class-D) 2Ω stable power output in a small and compact design. This innovative design allows for a potent audio performance without sacrificing space, making it an ideal choice for those seeking uncompromised sound in a limited footprint.

The amplifier's aesthetics are as impressive as its performance. An elegant status LED, solid machined terminal block, and a removable top panel that safeguards controls and connections contribute to a sleek and sophisticated design that seamlessly integrates into any car interior.

Universal compatibility is a key feature of the DP 1.500, offering an operating supply voltage ranging from 6.5 to 17.5 V and speaker-in input sensitivity from 1.6 to 40 Vrms. The integrated Universal Speaker Simulator enhances versatility, ensuring optimal performance with a wide range of audio sources.

Experience high-noise rejection with the balanced input circuitry of the Pre-in and Speaker-in, allowing for clean and interference-free signal transmission. The full set of controls, including adjustable input levels, low-pass crossover filters (50 ÷ 250 Hz @ 24 dB/Oct.), subsonic filter (25 Hz @ 24 dB/Oct.) and bass boost, provides users with the flexibility to fine-tune the audio to their preferences.

Convenience meets intelligence with the Automatic Remote Turn-On/Off feature, seamlessly triggered by OEM radio speaker outputs. This ensures hassle-free operation and an efficient power management system.

The optional HRC 02 Remote Control Ready provides the ability to tune the subwoofer level for any preference.

Whether utilizing Speaker-In or Pre-In level inputs, the DP 1.500 offers full-range pre-outs, providing further flexibility in system configuration. Elevate your car audio system with the Hertz DIECI POWER Amplifier DP 1.500 – where power, precision, and style converge for an unparalleled listening experience on the road.
General Specs
Channels 1
Nominal power supply voltage (fuse) 11 ÷ 15 VDC (1 x 30 A)
Operating power supply voltage 6.5 ÷ 17.5 VDC
Idling current 1 A
Standby current draw 50 uA
Consumption, MIN load impedance (Max Musical Power) 21 A
Remote IN 4 ÷ 17 VDC (1 mA)
ART - Automatic Remote Turn on/off from SPK-IN (BTL radio only) 1.5 VDC
Efficiency 86%
Distortion - THD @ 100 Hz, 70% Rated Power 0.2%
Damping factor @ 1 kHz, 1W 180
Bandwidth @ -3 dB 10Hz ÷ 500Hz
S/N ratio (A-weighted @ 1 V Input) 99 dBA
Minimum load impedance
@ 1 Ch: 2 Ω
Adjustable Crossovers yes
Output Power
Output power (RMS) @ 1% THD:
1Ch @ 4Ω 280 W x 1
1Ch @ 2Ω 500 W x 1
Output Power (RMS) @ 14.4 VDC, THD 10%:
1Ch @ 4Ω 350 W x 1
1Ch @ 2Ω 590 W x 1
Total Power 1180 W
Inputs Pre-In / Speaker-In
Pre Out Full Range
Pre-In sensitivity 0.32 ÷ 8 VRMS
Speaker-In sensitivity 1.6 ÷ 40 VRMS
Lo-Pass OFF / 50÷ 250Hz 24dB/Oct.
Subsonic OFF / 25 Hz @ 24 dB/Oct.
Phase 0 / 180°
Bass Boost 50Hz 0 ÷ 9 dB
SUB Remote Volume Control HRC 02 -20 ÷ 6 dB
Physical Specs
DP 1.500
Dimension mm in
A 190 7.48
B 152 5.98
C 190 7.48
D 166 6.53
E 50 1.96
Weight Kg lbs
1.62 3.57
DP 1.500
HRC 02
Optional remote volume control

DP 1.500 level can be adjusted (-15 dB ÷ 0 dB) using the optional HRC 02 remote control. HRC 02  is ready for tape surface mounting, screw surface mounting, and recessed mounting, thanks to the provided accessories.

Discover more on HRC 02 product page.

DP 1.500

Maximum Power in Compact Size: ADC (Advanced Class-D) 2Ω stable power output in a small and compact design.
Attractive Design: elegant status LED, solid machined terminal block, and removable top panel to protect controls and connections.
Universal Compatibility: operating supply voltage from 6.5 to 17.5 V and speaker-in input sensitivity from 1.6 to 40 Vrms with integrated Universal Speaker Simulator.
High-noise rejection: Pre-in and Speaker-in featuring balanced input circuitry.
Full set of controls: adjustable input levels, high/low-pass crossover filters (50-4000Hz 12dB/Oct.), and bass boost to fine-tune the sound according to your preferences.
Automatic Remote Turn-On/Off: driven by OEM radio speaker outputs.
Full-Range pre-outs: available both when using Speaker-In and Pre-in level inputs.
HRC 02 Remote Control Ready: provides the ability to tune the subwoofer level for any preference.

DP 1.500 DP 1.500
DP 1.500

ADC (Advanced Class-D) 2Ω stable power output in a small and compact design for maximum power in a compact size.

DP 1.500

Thanks to the built-in USS technology (Universal Speakers Simulator), DIECI POWER amplifiers can be correctly connected to head units with a “speaker load detection” function that monitors the presence of a low-impedance load to enable the audio outputs.

DP 1.500

DIECI POWER amplifiers are ultra-compact to ensure effortless installations in the increasingly narrow spaces of modern vehicles or the factory amp area.