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HMS 10 S2-LD-G.1 250 (10) mm (in.) | 191 (7.52) mm (in.) | 2Ω sport led subwoofer | 600 W | 2 Ohm

Sport grille, featuring built-in LEDs, can be easily removed to be painted with the perfect color for your vessel. HMS subwoofers are designed to be installed without the need for a dedicated enclosure delivering powerful and precise bass in any vessel. 

The motor and suspension design are optimized for high-power, infinite-baffle operation featuring long linear excursion capability for tremendous output with low-distortion. 

Hertz Marine subwoofers not only add tons of bass output to your system but also relieve the main speakers from the hard work of reproducing the lowest frequency range, maximizing the overall system performance, for unlimited sound pressure and emotion! 

Size mm (in.) 250 (10)
Power Handling - Continuous W 300
Power Handling - Peak W 600
Impedance Ohm 2
Depth mm (in.) 191 (7.52)
No Filter Component 2Ω SPORT LED SUBWOOFER
Voice Coil Ø 50 (2)
Magnet size D x d x h mm (in.) 140 x 60 x 30 (5.51 x 2.36 x 1.18)
Weight of one component kg (lb.) 5,1 (11.24)
Magnet High density flux ferrite
Cone Polypropylene with UV inhibitors
Xmech mm (in.) ±16,3 (0.64)
Technical Specs
D mm 210
Xmax mm 12,3
Re Ohm 2,1
Fs Hz 43
Le mH 0,46
Vas I 30,46
Mms g 75,6
Cms mm/N 0,18
BL T*m 8,3
Qts 0,60
Qes 0,63
Qms 12,3
Spl dB 88,5
Electro-acoustic Specs
Physical Specs
HMS 10 S2-LD-G.1
A 277 mm 10.91 in.
B 230 mm 9.06 in.
C 191 mm 7.52 in.
D 145 mm 5.71 in.
F 46 mm 1.81 in.
Frequency response
HMS 10 S2-LD-G.1
HMS 10 S2-LD-G.1 HMS 10 S2-LD-G.1
Box Tech Data - Sealed Box
Vb l(cu.ft.) 50 (1.77)
Fb Hz 54
Qtc 1,05
W mm(in.) 440 (17.32)
H mm(in.) 440 (17.32)
D mm(in.) 365 (14.37)
Mounting Hole - M 230 (9.06)
Wood Thickness 19 (0.75)
Panels Cut List - Sealed Box
A mm(in.) 440 X 440 (17.32 x 17.32) Qty 2
B mm(in.) 440 x 327 (17.32 x 12.87) Qty 2
C mm(in.) 402 x327 (15.83 x 12.87) Qty 2
HMS 10 S2-LD-G.1 HMS 10 S2-LD-G.1
Box Tech Data - Sealed Box
Vb l(cu.ft.) 71 (2.51)
Fb Hz 51
Qtc 0,99
W mm(in.) 460 (18.11)
H mm(in.) 460 (18.11)
D mm(in.) 450 (17.72)
Mounting Hole - M 230 (9,06)
Wood Thickness 19 (0.75)
Panels Cut List - Sealed Box
A mm(in.) 460 x 460 (18.11 x 18.11) Qty 2
B mm(in.) 460 x 412 (18.11 x 16.22) Qty 2
C mm(in.) 422 x 412 (16.61 x 16.22) Qty 2
HMS 10 S2-LD-G.1

The HM RGB 1 BK enhances your experience with multicolor LED lighting that can be changed to fit your mood or craft. Is composed by an RGB CONTROLLER specifically developed for HMX LD option models including a radio frequency remote control with a wide

HMS 10 S2-LD-G.1

1. Integrated RGB LED lighting to enhance your experience in combination with the HM RGB 1 BK accessory.

2. Sound-transparent sport grille easily removable to be painted with a custom color perfect for your boat.

3. Hertz Pure Marine Certified Product stamp featuring the IP65 protection grade, ASTM-D4329 standards for UV resistance and ASTM-B117 for salt fog operability.

4. Long-throw 50mm (2”) voice coil woofer engineered for infinite baffle application featuring polypropylene cone injected with UV inhibitors and co-molded Santoprene surround.

5. Progressive-design aramid fiber spider with silicone-insulated lead wires ensuring durability and constant performance over time.

6. FEM optimized high-excursion mobile equipment driven by a massive magnetic group encapsulated into a marine-grade polymer injected basket.

7. Gold-plated corrosion resistant brass connection terminals with silicone cap protecting leadwire junction point.

HMS 10 S2-LD-G.1

Built-in RGB led lighting creates sophisticated atmosphere, adding tons of class to your vessel.

HMS 10 S2-LD-G.1
HMS 10 S2-LD-G.1

The protection grade IP65 for speakers define all the Hertz Marine products as totally protected against water jets of different entities, making them highly performant in the marine environment.

HMS 10 S2-LD-G.1

According to the severe ASTM-D4329 standards for UV resistance, all the materials used for Hertz Marine products are designed to face long time exposition to UV radiations while cruising on the open sea.

HMS 10 S2-LD-G.1

To satisfy the standards required by ASTM-B117, Hertz Marine products are tested with massive salt fog spray to ensure a complete resistance to corrosion, typical of this atmospheric agent.