The Mille line is enhanced with Systems, Coaxials and the Pro components,
dedicated to the enthusiasts yearning for the authentic Hertz Mille listening experience

The accurate electroacoustic design together with the innovative automated manufacturing process provide the speakers with a great price/performance ratio, making them affordable to a wider range of car hifi fans.

MP 165P.3 woofer 3D cut-view with its 3 Ω impedance “Long Throw” voice coil and oversized magnet

MPK 165P.3

The MPK 165P.3 system energy in the mid-low range ensures a unique listening experience, creating the ideal set up alongside a powerful subwoofer section.

The MP 165P.3 woofer electroacoustic parameters have been forged to give it the pure and solid sound of an authentic mid-bass, designed for high dynamic systems.

The voice coil with a generous 14 mm height, has a nominal 3 Ω impedance in addition to an increased power handling. These features provide the ability to maximally exploit the power of the Hertz HCP and HDP amplifiers as well as all the 2 Ω stable electronics.

The ferrite 95 mm diameter magnet enables a +/-4.5 mm voice coil linear excursion, ensuring utmost control at all times. The Boundary Free Surround moves a bigger

amount of air, and the V-cone® profile improves the offaxis dispersion, the real in-car listening condition. The sophisticated aluminium alloy basket neutralizes the undesired vibrations.

The MPK 165P.3 timbre balance is entrusted to the MPCX 2P.3 crossover featuring a copper inductor with a 1 mm diameter wire to filter the MP 165P.3, which, with its nominal 3 Ω requires high impulse currents. The tweeter MP 25.3 12dB/Octave crossover is built with extremely high quality 160V bi-metallized polyester film capacitor and an air coil inductor. The tweeter (MP 25.3) level control (0/+2.5dB) provides the ability to adapt

the system response to the listener preferences and considering the components installation position.

MPK 165P.3: MP 165P.3 woofer, MP 25.3 tweeter, MPCX 2P.3 crossover

MPK 1650.3

The MPK 1650.3 is the top of the range two way system of the Mille PRO line. The system uses the 28 mm diameter MP 28.3 tweeter inheriting all the technological features of

the Mille Legend ML28.3. The geometry of the Tetolon dome maximizes the typical dispersion of off-axis listening. The rear acoustic chamber with damping material contributes to extend response to lower frequencies achieving a resonance frequency of only 900 Hz.

In this way the crossover point between tweeter and woofer can be lowered, improving the sound image in the car dashboard. The massive Neodymium motor minimizes nonlinearity managing the music program with very dynamic transients. The CCAW (Copper Clad Aluminium Wire) voice coil guarantees an especially light weight and stiff moving assembly. These technological elements interact with each other, resulting in a high frequency extension of 28kHz, a record for a tweeter featuring a 28mm voice coil.

An elegant and compact angled tweeter support is provided with the system: this allows easy installation both on the A-pillars and on the car dashboard. The correct angle of

the tweeter improves the stereo image, essential for an engaging listening.

MPK 1650.3: MP 165P.3 woofer, MP 28.3 tweeter, MPCX 165.3 crossover.

The crossover MPCX 165.3 creates the optimal tone balance  between the MP 28.3 tweeter and MP 165P.3 woofer. It features bi-metallic capacitors with polyester dielectric, for maximum acoustic transparency and air wound inductors built on pure copper wire with up to 1mm diameter eliminating saturation. It also mounts wire-wound type 

resistors with low parasite inductance. The two positions Hi-Contour control provides the ability to fine-tune the system frequency response optimizing it according to the different speakers positions. Most of all, the listeners can achieve their favourite sound thanks to the three-position control for the tweeter emission level with 2 dB steps (+2/0/-2dB) attenuation.

MP 28.3 3D cut-view showing the rear acoustic chamber with damping material

MPCX 165.3 Hi-Contour function

MP 25.3

The MP 25.3 tweeter, featuring Tetolon dome and 25 mm voice coil, provides a very wide, linear frequency response.

Thanks to its “Center Tuning Duct”, positioned in the center of the powerful Neodymium magnetic circuit, exchange of air between dome and rear load chamber is ensured, fine-tuning the acoustics to perfection.

The resulting very low resonance frequency is also functional for the woofer crossover point, elevating the sound stage.

MP 25.3 3D cut-view showing Center Tuning Duct geometry

Center Tuning Duct geometry developed with acoustic pressure FEM simulation

MPK 165.3 & MPK 130.3

The MPK 165.3 system has been designed to ensure a wide low frequency response, even in cars with no space for a subwoofer. Thanks to the V-cone® and Boundary Free Surround technologies the MP 165.3 woofer boasts outstanding dispersion features and generates high SPL with compact dimensions.

The MPK 130.3 system provides the same timbre setting as the MPK 165.3. The MP 130.3 woofer Boundary Free Surround suspension maximizes the SPL pressure generated maintaining the same installation diameter, while the generous mobile group excursion allows an elevated power handling.

The dedicated crossover MPCX 2.3 has been designed to exploit the wide extension of the MP 165.3 and MP 130.3 woofers in the MPK 165.3 and MPK 130.3 systems, ensuring

a natural transition towards the MP 25.3 tweeter, for maximum natural acoustic emission. The 1mm low parasitic resistance copper filter coil of the woofer maximizes its efficiency. The MPCX 2.3 crossover features tweeter level (0/+2 dB) to calibrate the MP 25.3 acoustic emission level comparing it to the woofer one.

MPK 165.3: MP 165.3 woofer, MP 25.3 tweeter, MPCX 2.3 crossover

MPCX 2.3 cut view shows the components quality: pure copper 1 mm wire diameter low series resistance inductors on the woofer, bi-metallized polyester film capacitors and air coil tweeter inductor

MPK 163.3: MP 165.3 woofer, MP 70.3 midrange, MP 25.3 tweeter, MPCX 3.3 crossover

MPK 163.3 & MP 70.3

The three way MPK 163.3 system is dedicated to those who want the best: the MP 70.3 midrange featuring Neodymium double magnet inside the coil produces an enthralling mid

range, perfect to combine with the powerful mid-low of the MP 165.3 woofer as well as with the detailed high range of the MP25.3 tweeter. The 20 mm coil of the MP 70.3 maximizes the dynamics; the V-cone® profile enhances off-axis dispersion and the Boundary Free Surround allows for a wider extension towards the low frequency range.

The dedicated MPCX 3.3 crossover provides optimized crossover points to exploit the midrange remarkable extension using ultra-selected components.

MP 70.3 Symmetrical Dual Neodymium magnet refined with FEM magnetic simulation

MPX 165.3

The Mille PRO coaxials provide a sound stage and a power handling that can be compared to those of a two way system. The MPX 165.3 coax tweeter concentric to the woofer allows for one single linear-phase emission point, for a natural timbre providing a detailed sound tage. Thanks to the “Center Tuning Duct” geometry, the tweeter resonance frequency is especially low and the employment of damping materials for the inside provides for a linear acoustic emission. The acoustic lens optimizes its off-axis response, which is typical with door installation of coax speakers; besides, the 36 mm diameter woofer generates deep and controlled bass frequencies.

MPX 165.3 3D cut-view showing Concentric Coaxial 20mm Tweeter with Center Tuning Duct

MPX 165.3 FEM acoustic pressure wave dispersion simulation
at 10kHz in typical door application (45° off-axis)

MPX 690.3

The three-way MPX 690.3 coax, optimized for rear deck mount, features a 28 mm Tetolon tweeter with Neodymium magnet and faceplate profile maximizing the off-axis dispersion.

A supertweeter strengthens the emission of very high frequencies and the basket radial venting system ensures low operating temperatures. The sound has an impressive

impact and ensures perfect control, also with extensive high dynamic listening.

MPX 690.3 tweeter & supertweeter faceplate design optimized for linear frequency response on horizontal installations.